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Built by Patriots for Patriots.
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Pro's and Con's of installing an aftermarket trigger for Glock?

What are the benefits of installing an aftermarket trigger on a Glock?

There are several potential benefits to installing an aftermarket trigger on a Glock handgun. 

Some of the most significant benefits include:   

 Improved accuracy: Aftermarket triggers can often be adjusted to provide a smoother, more consistent pull, which can help improve accuracy and reduce the risk of shots going astray. Also, in the hands of a skilled shooter, improved trigger geometry can give rapid, repeatable, follow up shots.  

 Reduced trigger pull weight: Some aftermarket triggers can be adjusted to have a lighter trigger pull weight, which can make it easier to shoot the handgun accurately and reduce fatigue during extended shooting sessions. Stock triggers are designed for safety, reduced liability, and the ability to accommodate a shooter that has never pulled a trigger before to an advanced marksman. Aftermarket triggers, especially competition triggers such as the Alpha from Timney allow you to go from 5-6lbs trigger pull weight to 3lbs. We have built extreme competition triggers in the 1.5lbs range for highest speed and engagement.   

 Enhanced customization: Aftermarket triggers can often be customized with different finishes, colors, and other features, which can allow shooters to personalize their handgun and make it more visually appealing. Our tRiggersmith program with Boogeyman Customs triggers allow 100’s of different color possibilities to enhance the looks and performance of your build. There is no better feeling than showing up at the range with a unique firearm that no one else has!   

 Improved ergonomics: Some aftermarket triggers may be designed with ergonomics in mind, which can help improve comfort and reduce fatigue when shooting. Lightened and consistent trigger pull weights reduces fatigue after pounding hundreds of rounds down range.   

 Enhanced reliability: Some aftermarket triggers may be designed to be more reliable than the stock trigger, which can be especially important for shooters who rely on their handgun for self-defense or other critical applications. Our Overwatch Precision triggers are some of the only aftermarket triggers that SWAT teams allow their officers to change too. They have proven performance and reliability. While Boogeyman Customs offer very unique color combinations, Overwatch Precision triggers are the go to triggers for professionals.   

 Overall, installing an aftermarket trigger on a Glock handgun can provide a range of benefits to shooters, depending on their specific needs and preferences. It is important to carefully research and compare different aftermarket triggers to ensure that you choose one that is reliable and suitable for your needs.   

 There are many benefits to changing your trigger on your Glock or other firearm. However, there are things to think about before making that move. 

 There are two VERY important questions you must ask yourself. 

 Is this going to be a carry firearm or a range toy? 

 Who is going to install it? 

 Unless you are very highly skilled with the use of a firearm, you should avoid low trigger pull weights on a carry gun. The “slack” on a carry gun is designed to help prevent unintentional discharges. Reducing that too much can make trigger control harder in extremely stressful situations. We recommend stock triggers or Overwatch Precision trigger for carry firearms. 

 A range toy is totally different. Reduced pull weight will make it easier and more fun to shoot. Make sure to follow all firearm safety rules. ALL triggers should be installed by a competent and well trained gunsmith. Do NOT attempt to change yourself if you do not have the proper training. The cruciform, connector, striker are crucial and must be in the exact tolerance and installed as designed! If not, you will have an extremely dangerous and unshootable firearm!

 Once you have decided what use you will have for your firearm and have a competent gunsmith to install your new trigger and adjust if needed, you must then figure out what generation Glock you have, and the corresponding trigger needed. 

Can’t tell? Ask us, we can help! 

 Know the exact trigger setup you want now? Awesome! Head over to our trigger area and start your order here, tRiggersmith   

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