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Everything You Need to Know About Glock Accessories

You would have always heard the name Hyve Glock along with the popular Glock firearm. Hyve has been in the market with a diehard fan following and loyal customer base ever since they were first introduced. They are so popular that most people still don’t believe that it is just another company that is selling magazine extensions for the M&P Shield and Glock guns & not a type of Glock.

This article will discuss in detail the famous Hyve Glock & some information about it every Glock owner should know. But before we proceed, it would be better, if we have a basic understanding of magazine extenders.

What are magazine extenders?

As the name suggests, magazine extenders are aluminum components that add length to the small and sub-compact magazines and provide an extra grip for your hand on aim. While some magazine extenders manage to increase the capacity by one or two rounds, some don’t.

Before you actually invest money in a magazine extender, you must have a clear understanding of your requirements. Once you have decided your purpose, start doing some basic research to figure out which one will suit your requirements and invest your money wisely.

Advantages & disadvantages of using magazine extenders

As said earlier, mag extenders add to the capacity and provide more area to the grip. Well, these are not everything, there are some more to add to the list of advantages.

  • Better grip during magazine changes

The main advantage of using an extended magazine is that it will give you a better grip while changing magazines. The weight and surface area they add on, reduce the chances of getting dropped freely from your hands.

  • Improved aesthetics

Firearms are not just for self-defense rather they are a part of an identity for some. For them, extended magazines are generally aesthetically pleasing than normal ones. Everyone loves to grab attention, don’t they? 

Disadvantages of Extended Magazines

Glock manufacturers have got nothing to do with after-market extenders like Hyve. They don’t come from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Mag extenders have some con sides too to take notice of.

  • Added weight

The added weight and length will be felt unwanted in some cases. Well, not everyone feels the same but it is a fact! This is where having a clear understanding of your requirement will come in handy.

  • Expensive

If you are not someone who likes to link your firearm with your identity, extended magazines might feel to be a waste of money. You will end up spending money for no reason, but for that little grab of eyeballs.

Now that we have discussed what extended magazines are and their advantages & disadvantages, let’s have an in-depth look at Hyve.

Have Glock: The most popular extended magazines

As discussed, Hyve Glocks top the chart when it comes to extended magazines for Glock. To be this popular and to have such a diehard fanbase, there has to be something that really puts them a class apart.

 Let us dig deep into the details of what made them top the list and discuss some standout features of Hyve accessories.

  • Manufacturing

Unlike Hyve’s contenders in the market, they are machined out from a solid bar of superior quality aluminum (such as 6061 T6) and later anodized. They are made available in almost all possible colors you can dream of, be it red, black, blue, etc. All their parts are custom made and you will never fall short of matching your preferred style.

  • Durability

You won’t end up meeting someone who switched from Hyve to any other brands either online or offline even after days of effort. But you will find millions on the other way around. If someone has made a switch, they would have tried something new and nothing more than that.

Not being an OEM, you don’t want your choice to go wrong. Users of Hyve extenders will dare bet you all-in on the durability and reliability aspect blindly. They will work perfectly fine even after the hundreds and hundreds of rounds you fire.

  • Superior Build Quality

Not every time you have a perfect mag change. You will end up dropping them on concrete floors or ground at times. If you were to use a Hyve, all that you’ll see will be some minor scratches and small dents. And nothing more than could affect the stability or cause discomfort, which takes us to the next point, comfort.

  • Comfort

Using sub-quality magazines can initiate pain on the hands and discomfort on the fingers while cocking. Our advice is to go with the standard one at the first hit then trying all other sub-standard ones and finally choosing the Hyve.

  • Design

Unlike its best competitor, Hyve go with a magazine stop over the screw design. You can lose the tiny screw during installing the latter one. We admit installing Hyve will take you time but it will be the best fit. It is worth taking all the effort!

  • Dimensions

With the expertise they possess, they offer a well-balanced magazine. Be it weight, height, width, or length, Hyve has all of them tuned for perfection. They have the optimum weight for each Glock. For example, when we consider the extenders for Glock 27, the competitor brand weights a bit more than the Hyve which is actually useless and irritating shot after shot.

  • Pricing and Customer service

With all these added advantages any manufacturer can overprice the product. Hyve doesn’t fall into that category. They price competitively and ensure all the support at pre and post-purchase assists.


Now that we have discussed the features of Hyve, there is something you ought to know about them. The Hyve extenders are designed for gen4 and above Glocks. You will have to choose a low-quality one if you happen to use a gen3 or lower versions.

Being said the only disadvantage worth mentioning, let us look into which is the most sought-after product from Hyve. Mag extenders for Glock 19 gen 4/5 is that chartbuster product people are after. It features a two-piece design that utilizes a mag-stop to ensure the mag pop out doesn’t happen.

If you are planning to get one, we advise you to consider your city/state/federal gun laws before making any purchase, especially if you fall into California. Once it’s all checked and sorted you can drop the order here.

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