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How To Protect Your Firearms During Winters?

It’s officially winter.

The temperatures are dropping like anything, the days are getting shorter, and going outdoors has gotten scarce than ever.

While you take all the precautions to keep yourself all hale and hearty, don’t forget about your firearm. You might be taking all the necessary precautions like getting your heating system checked up, changing to snow tires, and the likes of it.

However, in all of this, many of us do tend to forget to take care of our firearms more so often. So how can you ensure to keep your firearms in top shape and care for them to brave up the harsh winter months?

How Does Winter Affect Your Firearms?

If you are a firearm owner, one of the first things you need to learn is how to keep it in good shape.

During winters, your firearm can have some major effects due to condensation. The condensation starts to build up in the hammer and cylinders of pistols and revolvers. Any surface attracts condensation when exposed to temperature drops.

As the vapor starts accumulating in your gun, moisture starts to seep in. This collected moisture then runs the risk of freezing if and when exposed to the cold weather. This may make your firearm freeze or lock up due to condensation build-up.

To give you an example, we take glasses. So if you or anyone you know wears glasses, you know what happens when you enter a warm area after being in cold for long. The glasses tend to fog up. The same is happening with your firearm. Moisture starts to accumulate on your firearm.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Gun During Winters

  •  Clean Your Firearm

The first and the most important thing you need to do to take care of your gun is to clean it. All that extra gunk and dirt mixed with moisture is practically a recipe for disaster for your firearm and your hunting escapades.

Moreover, many hunters from the north usually tend to clean up their guns more frequently. In case, your gun has any sort of lubrication, make sure you clean it up. As the temperature drops, the lube starts to gum up, which ruins your entire shooting experience. We don’t want that now, do we?

  • Remove Foam Casings

When you keep your guns in a storage case that has foam linings, things might get a bit nasty. The foam will attract and absorb moisture which in turn will impact your gun.

The absorbed moisture in the foam lining when comes in contact with your firearm can trigger corrosion. Instead of a foam-lining based storage case, make sure you go for a gun sack with anti-rust properties.

Animal casings and cardboard storage boxes are also something you need to steer clear of when thinking of storing your gun during winters.

  • Use Surface Protectant

Your firearm is prone to some surface corruption during the winters.

To prevent that from happening, it is always recommended to use surface protectants. Make sure you cover all the major parts of your firearm. Moreover, ensure that you cover all the hard to reach areas.

While you are applying the surface protectant on your firearm, it is recommended to wear latex gloves, to prevent your skin from coming in contact with the surface. This is done to ensure that the chemicals from the surface protectant don’t affect your skin.

Moreover, any oil present in your skin can also impact the corrosion process on your gun.

  • Practice Safe Shooting

Snow, dirt, and moisture can get in the barrel and hamper your shooting experience. Obstructed gun muzzles can also prove out to be dangerous in many cases.

To prevent that from happening, it is always recommended to practice safe shooting. What this implies is that cover your gun’s muzzle before you leave your home with scotch tape, electrical tape or even an unlubricated condom will do the job. Our goal here is to prevent the moisture and ice from seeping in.

Moreover, as soon as you spot your target, the tape will come right off, not causing any major inconvenience.

  • Lubrication

As we have mentioned above, too much lubrication can have contrary effects on your gun’s performance. If you want to ensure that your gun remains tip-top, a little lubrication will do the job.

While we want to maintain the proper functioning of the firearm, we don’t want the lubrication to hamper the shooting experience.

  • Let ‘em Dry

While cleaning your firearms is important, it also involves drying them up before you store them again. If you tend to keep your gun in storage as soon as you bring them in, the moisture is going to accumulate and lead to corroding the gun’s metal surface.

The correct thing to do here would be to let your gun come to room temperature and wipe off any water or debris that’s been accumulated.

  • The Right Gear

While you take care of the gun, it’s also important that the person using is completely protected as well.

Wearing the right gear when going for a hunt is as much important as the correct gun and safety practices. Make sure that you wear the right amount of clothing, a pair of sturdy gloves, and the correct layering.

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Conclusion | Winter Care For Firearms

Taking care of your beloved firearm is unsaid.

If you are someone who’s a regular hunter or carries a firearm license, you probably know the care and attention firearms require.

However, if you are new to this and want to explore and learn more about the same feel free to contact us.

We at, Patriot Tacticals, exactly know the right gear, equipment, and solutions for all your hunting and firearm-related requirements.

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