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Basic Tactical Gear For Everyday Use
Despite what most people think, tactical gear does not have much to do with the military or even combat. The term refers to practical use that may or may not be needed every day. Tactical equipment or gear is designed to be light-weight and durable so that you can carry it with you each day whether you need it or not. Some options far exceed the quality of what you can find for generic versions which is why you want to make sure you know what’s the best and where to buy it. Let’s take a look at the top examples of the gear you may not have but could easily need in the near future. • Pants: Believe it or not, pants are one of the most commonly purchased tactical gear items. Why? Because these pants are designed to withstand extreme conditions, be comfortable, allow you to carry more items and are perfect for outdoor use. Whether you are hunting, fishing or something else, you are going to enjoy the outdoors and having these shorts or pants can be a big difference in comfort and flexibility. 

 • Watches: Most people see a watch as a fashion statement rather than worrying about functionality. If you are spending time in the outdoors, these watches can be a big help as they can take a beating and you do not have to worry about them. 
 • Knives: This option is often one of the most commonly requested but for different purposes. A good knife can be used for several things including protection and in a pinch when completing a task. 
 • Multitools: These items are popular for one simple reason; you will eventually need them. Screwdrivers, knives, bottle openers and even small saws depending on the tool you buy may not be used every day, but when the need calls for it, you’ll be happy to have it. 
 • Wallets: Tactical gear has stretched out into new areas including wallets. Some of them look more like money clips but they offer a variety of advantages including protection from electronic pickpocketing with RFID coverage. These options can also have tools attached to them to assist with other needs. Having multiple uses for a single item should always be in consideration. 
 • Bags: Over the years, gun owners have learned the value of having high-quality bags to not only conceal their firearms, but to also make sure that they stay dry, secure and clean. Interestingly enough, while these bags are great to protect firearms, they actually work perfect for most electronics as well. As people are more reliant on electronics now more than ever, having ways of protecting them during the day, especially in the outdoors, is very important. 
 • Boots: If you look back to the history of footwear you will notice that members of the military are able to hike, run, lift weights and trek through rough terrain in a single pair of boots. You cannot do that with a pair of sneakers and having foot support for all these challenges is important in maintaining your energy and health throughout the day. Yes, you will run faster in sneakers than boots, but if you are hiking in the woods, those sneakers will not be in great condition after the hike. 
 • Flashlights: The need for flashlights is obvious but most people rely on their phones. Granted, you probably do not need to have a flashlight with you all the time but having an extra one in your vehicle is smart. First, the phone light isn’t as strong, and you also do not want to kill your battery if you need it for communication. 

When survival experts talk about tactical gear, one of the first and most important things they say is to make sure it has multiple uses. For example, if you have to choose between a flashlight that simply shines light versus one that can be used for a lantern, has a compass built into it or some other use, they will always recommend that you go for the one that gives you more options. Even the pants or shorts offered serve multiple purposes as it’s easier to carry things in pockets if it allows you to keep your hands and arms free. Remember, whenever you are selecting items for everyday use, you want to make sure that it will work with whatever outfit or uniform you have to wear for work. 

If you have to wear a suit at work each day, obviously the pants may not be an option, but the wallet and pocketknife will be. Get creative and select items that are practical for you to use and can come in handy if and when you need them.

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